It’s official! I’ll be writing a full free course series on React.

No matter if you've never seen React or you're a seasoned developer on it, I believe there is something there for everyone.

Because it's not just any series... I would really hate if these series would be just another React tutorial in the other thousands of courses out there!

This series has a twist to it...but let’s clarify first what’s with the weird title… :)

I’ve always been a firm believer that you can truly understand something if you build it.

Even if you’re able to build it in a simpler form than the original, as long as the main ideas are highlighted in the implementation you’re way better than just reading them out somewhere in a tutorial.

So this series would be different than what you might be used to: We’ll be learning React by building together, from scratch, a React clone.

It will have a mostly identical API, all of the main but of course it will be way simpler.

When we’re finished you’ll be able to say you’ve built React from the ground up and as such know a thing or two about it!

By the end of the series you’ll have an unprecedented understanding of why React works the way it does, what it’s limitations are and why they exist, a good grasp of it’s API and a deep understanding of the benefits and downsides of its performance characteristics.

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