Unit Testing Beginners Guide - Part 3 - Mock Http And Files access

We've all encountered at some point code that needs to do some API calls or read from the file system. It's a super bad idea to actually let the code make the real http requests or read from the file system during unit test. Let's see why and how we can get around these kind of issues.…


React Stateless Functional Components - Best Practices

React provides 3 major APIs for creating re-usable components. In this article we show you why you should prefer stateless functional components over the other ones and some best practices around using them efficiently…


Unit Testing Beginners Guide - Part 2 - Spying and fake timers

This articles continues the unit testing for beginners series by diving into some of the more advanced concepts when testing functions. You will learn what mocking and stubbing is, how to test functions involving timers and network calls…


Unit Testing Beginner's Guide - Part 1 - Testing Functions

Testing should be simple. But if you're just starting out it can be a bit overwhelming deciding which test framework you should use, how to set it up, what are the techniques of testing the various components you will be developing.…


Debugging Jest With Vscode

Sometimes tests fail. And sometimes you don't have any clue as to why they do... Follow along to see how you can setup VSCode debugging together with Jest to get breakpoints, step through and all the other goodies you would expect when debugging a piece of code.…


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